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Rank first with SEO: Leverage Google Free Tool and Maximize Organic Traffic

Startups spent a whole chunk of a budget on SEO every month. On average, $500 at the list, so that means those with less or non will struggle to rank better on search engines. What if we told you there are free tools that you can leverage for free traffic online? Google has these less-known programs yet useful that business owners ought to utilize and maximize their SEO strength.

If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to take advantage of them and enhance your brand visibility online. Besides, it’s not always about the bigger budget, but how you can leverage any little financial muscle for SEO. So, these tools can substitute your SEO budget and still achieve the same results.

In this article, we present you free google tools that will enable you to rank first with SEO.

Google AdWords Online Tool

Google ads tool is not free by any chance! Mmmh, yeah, that’s correct. But what comes in is the free inbuild analytic tool within your google ads account. Besides being an online paid advertising platform maned by google, this service grants access to potent advertising tools. Such as the keyword planner, keyword placement tool, contextual planner tool, and a free traffic tracker estimator. When it comes to strategically displaying campaigns, the google placement mechanism tool comes in handy to ensure that you run extensive advertising and successful campaigns.

As for getting you closer to your prospects, the google keyword planner allows you to research and understand what everyone is searching online. What keywords and #tags are getting popular in different search engine and from which geographical zones. It gets even more profound when it comes to organic traffic. The Google traffic tracker estimator displays essential metrics and information regarding the estimated traffic based on specific keywords, impression estimates, clicks versus cost, and generally, the cost of customer acquisition.

In the ad target mechanism, the contextual targeting is used by google ads to deploy ads to the most relevant audience based on the context of the pages and that of your ads. So, generally, this tool gives you access to possible theme ideas usable on single pages or likely in the context type. Hence, before you enjoy these free SEO tools, you will need to get yourself a google ad account.

Insightful Google Trends platform

Every brand manager would like to be on the know with the current trends. Not just any trends, we are talking search trends across search engines and Google trends is your guide. This free tool gives you access to new breakout trends and the capability to compare search emerging trends verses search phrases and keywords. In this regard, this free service is highly resourceful when it comes to discovering high volume search phrases and keywords to use in content marketing.

Google My Business Tool

With the surge in localization, google my business enables you to meet, be found, and freely interact with customers across google maps and search. You get listed as a brick and motor model, so if anyone searches through the database, your business will pop up under the set category. It’s not entirely adequate for virtual service providers; however, it’s a resourceful platform you could leverage for local SEO.

Google mobile speed and experience

Before you start your SEO campaigns, you should know that nearly 70% of website traffic comes from mobile gadgets. So, optimizing for mobile should never be overlooked, and anyone ignoring this important SEO concept is set for slow growth.

Its often evident your website visitors will abandon your website if the load time exceeds 5 seconds.

Besides, that’s not the only thing you should worry about, but the amount of business you are losing is terrible. To make sure you are fully optimized for mobile, Google has unveiled the google speed test that will auto analyze your site for speed on both desktop and mobile versions. All you need to do is copy and paste your website URL to the google speed test tool. A similar mechanism is also available on GT Metrics, with both tools generating an analysis report for improvement.

 Google alerts service tool

Choosing to stay up to date with the competition is one strategy you ought to never miss. Using the content change notification service offered by google will white list you to be on the know when content changes on the web. How is this helpful? Well, use this tool to monitor trends with your competitors. Flip on the alert on target pages, precisely competitors, and you’ll be notified every time their names gets a mention on the web. That will lead you to a target audience, then position your brand right next to theirs!

Rank first with SEO: Take away points

It’s pretty apparent every website strives to rank better on google search. Nonetheless, good SEO comes in a combination of good skills and expertise in the field. Although paying for good SEO has emerged productive, such efforts ought to work in conjunction with the available free tools. Besides, if you wish to rank first with SEO, you want to publish quality content on your website as well as leveraging for cost-effective SEO services we offer in our SEO Marketplace.

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